Baby safe products

Baby safe products

Baby safe products

  • Shampoo hat
    • May 28,2020.

    The shampoo cap slove below problems 1.Bubble flow into eyes. 2.Water flow into ears. 3.Sewage flow into mouth. Operation easy 1.Open the buckle. 2.Try to keep your hair above your hat. 3.Adjust the p...

  • Multi-function safety lock
    • May 21,2020.

    Multi-function safety lock, which lock the danger. There are four advantage, eco-friendly, 3m adheisive tape, easy open for parents, double button. Double button unlock, parnts easy to open, the baby ...

  • Baby handle lock
    • May 21,2020.

    Lock the danger to give the baby a safe home, such as window handle lock, door handle lock.  If the home is a push-pull type window must use the handle lock, for the sake of children's safet...

    • April 25,2020.

    The tape lock can be easily fixed to the inside of a cabinet or drawer Each lock includes a plastic template that is perfectly aligned each time Most cabinets do not require tools.Some materials, such...

  • adhesive tape locks
    • April 25,2020.

    Easy to install without any tools, no damage to cabinets.Our magnetic child safety lock is installed without any tools.Your home is an investment, so it doesn't have to be irreversible, thereby reduci...

  • Avoid kids using kitchen cabinets
    • April 25,2020.

    Avoid kids using kitchen cabinets: kids' minds develop rapidly and magnetic locks are unexpected for an ideal task, protecting them from accessing things they can't understand.Parents or Guardian won'...

  • Hidden locks are hard to find
    • April 25,2020.

    The baby magnetic lock without bounds of cabinet and drawer: parents can use them safely while their children explore the home. Has passed the infant test. Proven strong; Lock at home and mechanical t...

  • Hard for baby simple for adult
    • April 25,2020.

    Hard for baby simple for adult One baby lock, Push outward to unclock by one hand operatin easily. Push the cover to adjust the length of lock band. Istallation  1. Clean the surface completely, ...

  • Angle lock
    • April 25,2020.

    The usage of angle hook  1-Before Installtion remove the dust and do not apply it on the rough surface. 2-During Installtion, keep out of baby's sight and avoid being destroyed out of curiosity. ...

  • The shampoo cap
    • March 30,2020.

    The shampoo cap use soft EVA, not easy to deformation.Comfortable easy to wear, not stuck in the head, prevent water into the eyes. Effective isolation shampoo into the eyes, ears and nose, out of the...

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