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How do you save time on tedious household chores?

How do you save time on tedious household chores?

  • March 20,2019.
How do you save time on tedious household chores? Here are some shortcuts for share!

S-Hook Hang-Up
Turn any closet into a useful hang-up storage space by adding S-hooks to wire shelving. This provides tidy storage for mops, brooms and other cleaning tools.

Disappearing Remotes
If your remote controls are cluttering up your coffee table and getting lost behind sofa cushions, here's how to neaten up. Apply adhesive-backed hook and loop strips to the underside of the coffee table and to the backs of the remotes. To avoid snags on upholstery and clothing, put the soft (loop) material on the remotes. Now all the controls are hidden from view, but you'll always know where to find them. Hook-and-loop strips are available at home centers and discount and hardware stores.

No-Slip Kitchen Towels
Fold your towel into its desired form and attach hook and loop strips in two spots, one on the front and one on the back, as shown in the photo.
Finally, hang your towel from the oven or dishwasher door, no more towels falling off on the floor!

Charger Hideaway
Nothing clutters up a space more than the spaghetti heap of cords and plugs needed to recharge all those cell phones and other electronic toys. Create a discreet charging station with a small bread box and place a power strip inside. Drill a hole in the back to run the cord to the receptacle. Plug in your power-hungry devices and close the door for an orderly desktop or kitchen counter. Shorten electric wires with hook and loop straps.

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